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Great Christmas Gift For Bloggers

Posted 6/11/2015

Now Bonfire night has been and gone I can officially start writing my Christmas gift guides! Today I'm going to share with you a great list of amazing gifts for the blogger in your life. There are loads of people who blog but I think a common theme is that our nearest and dearest don't really fully understand what it is we do, so I gathered together this list to mainly ensure I get some great gifts, no but really, to make sure all my blogger friends get something lovely as well. Great Gifts for Bloggers Great Gifts for Bloggers

Chocolate Books from Choc On ChocChocolate Books from Choc On ChocIt is a classic but you will never go wrong with Chocolate, I love some of the handmade offerings from Choc on Choc, they are brilliant quality and perfect for a late night treat whilst you're busy editing your latest article or as a little something to sit back and relax with if you get the chance for a break. They have some really brilliant options, including biscuits made entirely of chocolate, snowmen, penguins and even a plate of vegetables! But may I suggest these lovely miniature books for the blogger in your life, as I bet they always have notepads full of ideas to hand.

Varta Powerpack 6000Varta Powerpack 6000Now a real essential for any blogger is their phone, it's certainly my lifeline, so I can be connected to my social accounts at all times, take pictures as and when I need and answer emails and comments. All this means that I'm pretty hard on my phone and it's battery. I hate running out of power and not having my phone so the Varta Indestructible Powerpack 6000 might not seem like the most exciting gift but it will be truly appreciated, fully charged straight out the box you can get up to 3 phones charges from one refill, it is waterproof, dust proof and drop proof oh and you can charge two devices at once. All this in a handy little carry bag. I love mine and wouldn't be without it. As the charge lasts for 6 months I can refill it and forget about it knowing I'm safe for as much tweeting, instagramming and emailing as I like, even if I'm out and about.

Stationery from BICStationery from BIC

Stationery will also be very well received, I'm yet to meet a blogger who doesn't love stationery. Pens, pencils, notepads, folders, stickers. As long as it is both fun and practical it will be loved. BIC have some great products for Christmas that I'm loving this year. The Hello Kitty range is superb and definitely not just for kids, not forgetting the classic BIC Biro or the great range of correction fluid. Mainly though I love the tins of colouring pencils, perfect for my newest found love of colouring in, something I get to do a little of whilst I'm waiting for updates to save and publish.

TheraPearl Eye Mask TheraPearl Eye Mask I, like many others, blog for a hobby. I then also work as a social media manager. Plus I'm a parent. So that's two things that involve a lot of screen time and one very noisy, high maintenance toddler that means all my work is done late into the night. Headache! I know I'm not the only one in this kind of situation. Most of us blog to keep a little bit sane and are all ridiculously busy. I was so excited when I found the TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask, it only costs £7.99 from Superdrug and you can use it hot or cold. A few seconds in the microwave or leave it in the fridge for a bit and then relax. I get really bad sinus pains and headaches and this has helped no end, just giving me some relief whilst the painkillers kick in. It also has added cute factor, my son loves it and likes to wear it just like his Mummy whilst saying bubbles, bubbles. 

Bayliss & Harding Gift Set from Lloyds PharmacyBayliss & Harding Gift Set from Lloyds PharmacyOn a similar vain this gorgeous Slipper Set from Bayliss & Harding from Lloyds Pharmacy would be perfect to allow just a little bit of indulgent 'me' , they have some lovely sets even the matching Bayliss & Harding Dressing Gown Set if you want to really spoil them. Of course you'll also need to give the gift of time, not loads, but enough for an uninterrupted bath! They are all incredibly good value as well, plus you could get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done all in one go as they have plenty of great gifts for everyone. But seriously, those slippers, they are so fluffy and comfy! Great Gifts for Bloggers Great Gifts for Bloggers

StandEazy StandEazy Back to us bloggers and our phones and tablets I'm afraid but for a great stocking filler the Credit Card Sized StandEazy is fab for working on the go, this little gadget will fit in your purse and with a couple of simple folds turns into a stand for your phone or tablet. It takes a little bit of bending for the first couple of uses but after that you're good to go. Great if you're travelling by train or plane and want to get some work done, or watch a movie, also great as I've found if you are stuck in hospital for several hours waiting for your other half to be operated on. I got so many articles written up and was able to prop my phone up easily which made life so much easier. 

MobileLite G2 from KingstonMobileLite G2 from KingstonMy final recommendation is the MobileLite Wireless G2. This great little gadget does a bit of everything and is perfect for smartphone addicts like bloggers! It can extend and increase storage of your mobile, charge your smartphone, stream movies, play music, show and view different photos on multiple mobile devices simultaneously, backup photos and videos from your camera roll and create a Wi-Fi hotspot from a wired Internet connection. It really is multi functional and it's small as well. It doesn't take long to set up and by freeing up all that storage space it allows my phone to work quicker which is ideal. It's great for keeping the family entertained with it's streaming capabilities and allowing you the phone space you need to be able to still work on your device. A very clever bit of tech and ideal for any blogger.

Hopefully that will leave you with some lovely ideas, if in doubt jewelry is also well received *ahem Pandora ahem* or just asking about their blog and finding out how things are going.

Disclosure - I was gifted many of these products with the hope I would include them in my guide, all opinions are my own.

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