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Happy New Year! Looking Back is as Important as Looking Forward

Posted 1/1/2015

Christmas Tree 2014Christmas Tree 2014So I'm not a big one for New Years Resolutions, I believe if you want to do, or change, or improve something than you should do it, at any time and without the added pressure and expectations that come as part of a New Years Resolution. 

I do, however, feel that the New Year is the perfect time for looking back over the past year and remembering all the good things that happened and grabbing onto them and for having one last look at the bad and letting it go. I also like to look forward and plan, to some degree, the year ahead.

I like find it really easy to get bogged down with all the bad things that happen, big and small, giving them far too much attention and missing the good things that have happened. For me an easy and close example of this is Christmas. It would be very easy for me to say we had an awful Christmas which on the face of it we did. 

In the weeks coming up to Christmas we have had two Grandparents in hospital, one is sadly dying and only has a few weeks left with us, the other due to a bad fall, horrific infection and various other problems, despite now being physically better has suffered the onset of dementia. Both on my husband's side of the family, and both in different hospitals at opposite ends of the county this has come as a real blow to him and has taken up an awful lot of our time. It is beyond sad.

Right over the Christmas break L got sick, Doctors in the middle of the night sick, suspected Scarlet Fever, an ear infection and to top it off he had 4 molars pushing through, poor little mite. That was worrying and very tiring and meant we didn't get to see the family we had planned to or spend any fun days together just the three of us. 

Brugge MedleyBrugge MedleyJust to top things off the husbands car had even been driven into whilst it was parked!

Due to all these things I didn't get the blogging done that I had planned, I've still got product reviews to write up, I have a half finished post about Christmas foods sat on my desktop and one all about crafting your own gift hampers, I was going to write about my rainy trip to the Christmas Markets in Brugge. I felt really bad and stressed about this as I felt I was letting people down.

When I stop and think about it though Christmas wasn't bad, it just wasn't what was expected. OK I didn't get all the work done I had wanted to, but I will catch up and people will understand, it's not like I was just lounging about, I wish! Brugge may have been cold and wet and a really long day for only a few hours shopping, it may have a really tiny Christmas Market, but I had a fab girly day with my mum and sister, I ate hot waffles, loved the truly beautiful buildings and surroundings and actually had a really good day. 

Elveden ElvesElveden ElvesWe had not one, but two trips to see Santa with L, OK he didn't enjoy them as much as I had hoped but what one year old does like being plonked on a strangers lap and I really enjoyed the experience and have learnt valuable lessons for next year, such as taking snacks as the queues can be long and be prepared for a tired and grouchy child. 

As for Christmas itself, OK L was sick, we didn't get much sleep and other people were disappointed not to see him, yes there was a point I was sick with worry and yes it was far from the festive merriment we had planned but we did get some awesome tired and sickly cuddles, we got to watch whole films with him! We all got some fabulous presents and he is OK, more than OK now and for that I count my blessings everyday.

Y1st Trip to see Santa1st Trip to see Santaes, there is nothing we can do about my husband's grandparents but we can focus in all the happy times and ensure we are there to do anything we can to help, however small. 

Oh and the car got fixed, quickly and easily as the people who bumped us were kind enough to leave their details. Really grateful for that!

When I look back at the whole year, so many great things happened, first steps, first words, first holidays, starting my blog, getting my Diploma in Online Marketing, swimming lessons, days out, new frineds, so many things I can't even think of them all. What's important is that these things engulf the things I didn't enjoy like returning to work, illnesses, losing friends, broken and lost items, so why would I dwell on the negative, nothing in the past can be changed, just learnt from. So at the end of the year I put all the bad to one side and try to start fresh.

So what do I have planned for next year?

Well for starters I have signed up to two more courses to help me achieve my goal of being a stay at home, work at home mum. This January and February I will be studying towards two diplomas, one in social media and one in entrepreneurship.

I will try to be far more organised with my blogging, get to planning a bit better, to hopefully avoid the whole Christmas situation again, you live and learn hey.

A Small Selection of L's GiftsA Small Selection of L's GiftsI'm also thinking about changing platforms and enlisting the help of a designer to help me get things looking better and working better. That's very much a pipeline idea at the moment though.

I shall be running some more fab competitions and plan to write more about our day to lives, if they proof interesting enough. 

The husband and I plan to take a night away together without L, the first one, eek, at some point this year and we shall of course try to fit in a family holiday as well. 

We'll be putting new flooring in the living room, swapping the horrid carpet for laminate. Carpets and toddlers do not mix!!!

There are birthdays and milestones to look forward to and hopefully some of my family from the states will be visiting and I haven't seen them for 5 years so I'm very happy about that. 

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