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A Little Box of Things I love

Posted 10/11/2015

There are several things in this life that I love and like most Mum's if it's for me then it tends to be right at the very bottom of my priorities, so I either don't get it, or very rarely do. So I was really excited to be sent Boxcitement, the new subscription box on the block that is filled with lovely things and designed to excite.

As you all know I love stationery, like seriously love it, I have a problem but that's fine, we all know it. I love jewellry but don't have much, just a few key bits I rotate, I'd love to have more but there's always something else to spend my money on. I love the cute and kitsch things in life. I love giving people amazing and thoughtful presents. I love getting mail and sending it! I have a great craft stash filled with paints, glitters, fabric, ribbons and buttons and I love to add to it whether I have something planned for it or not.Unboxing My Boxcitement DeliveryUnboxing My Boxcitement Delivery

Boxcitement was essentially designed for me! 

It covered the love getting mail thing straight away and what better mail than a little box of surprises that fit through the postbox!

Opening it was a delight, with some things there ready for me to see and others wrapped up in little bags just prolonging my pleasure. Packed beautifully I had a very happy few moments to myself (nap time) finding out what I had received and it was so perfect for me everything already had a home ready to go to.

Here's what I got in my 1st Boxcitement box;

Two little Washi tapes, tied together with ribbon, these went straight into my Washi Tape draw. Yes I have a Washi Tape draw, everyone does don't they? No? Well they should!Washi TapesWashi Tapes

A gorgeous grey polkadot wrap of Ribbon, perfect for a craft project or as a finishing gift wrap touch, mine of course went straight into my Ribbon Box. This is also a normal thing to have, it's just sensible, you never know when you'll need some ribbon.Ribbon from BoxcitementRibbon from Boxcitement

A lovely tea set with a hand printed wooden spoon, amazingly fun cork coaster and matching tea bag, all together in a gift bag. Now I don't drink tea, but I know many a person whose office desk would be made all the better for this little set and as I mentioned I love giving gifts, especially ones that are a bit different and really thoughtful, so this went into my present stash. Time to Refuel Mini Tea Kit from BoxcitementTime to Refuel Mini Tea Kit from Boxcitement

I got two amazing greetings cards, printed on great cardstock, they really fit my personality and are the king of cards I spend ages sourcing from little independent card shops so it was fab to get them straight to my door. These went into the card draw. I really think you are starting to get a bit of an insight into some of the more obsessively tidy and organised aspects of my personality here!!Greetings Cards in my Boxcitement BoxGreetings Cards in my Boxcitement Box

I also got a set of three grown up colouring postcards and a mini Sharpie so that I could start colouring straight away! I honestly don't know whether to keep these and colour them myself, I LOVE colouring, and post them to my friends, or, if I should add a few more pens and give them as a gift to someone?? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions. Colouring In Postcards & SharpieColouring In Postcards & Sharpie

Then finally I got a stunning necklace, two wooden wings on a long silver chain, the exact kind of jewellry I look at and lust over but never get to buying for myself. Laser Cut Necklace Laser Cut Necklace

Receiving this box really made my day, it was real #HappyMail I loved the mix of stationery, gifts for yourself or others and useful supplies like cards and tapes so that your gifting (or crafting, or planner updating) will always be fresh and fun. 

You can subscribe to Boxcitement for as little as £15 a month depending on the option you pick, or get a one off box for yourself (or a friend, if they are a really good friend!!) for £20. Now if you consider the Necklace alone is worth £15, although I've definitely seen similar pieces of jewellery for more, that is a serious 


It is also worth every single penny for it fabulousness, I cannot describe how much I loved receiving this, it was the nicest thing I got for just me in a very long time and I think that if I can treat myself to something that will make me happy for only £15 a month, then maybe I actually should, as I need to remember that I am important too.

Disclosure - I was gifted my box for the purpose of this article, all opinions are my own honest views. 

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