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My Roman Holiday - Part 3 of the Bridgestone Premium Safety Event

Posted 7/5/2015

Three Hotels in Three NightsThree Hotels in Three NightsHaving read part 1 and part 2 of my Bridgestone Premium Safety Event experience that covered all the information about tyres and safety I thought it would be nice to lighten the mood with my more personal story from this amazing press trip, to an amazing place, with amazing people. 

Before I left for this trip I posted about how nervous I was about going, because I didn't know anyone, because I was leaving my baby behind and because I wasn't sure if personally or professionally I was up to the job. Well I still feel a little out of my depth professionally, although everyone else seems happy with what I have done, I think that just because of my personality I will always feel like I could be doing better and that I am somewhat unworthy, guess I'm going to have to get over that one or live with it. 

Other than that though all my fears were dispelled pretty darn quickly, I met with Aby at the hotel in Heathrow before we left, we had 'met' on Twitter and so had a drink together before meeting everyone else at dinner that night. We got on really well straight away, so my first worry was already a silly one. In fact everyone I met was really nice, special mention goes to Sally and Jo and Ben, who were so much fun and I got on really well with. 

Making New FriendsMaking New FriendsTurns out leaving my baby behind was a wrench but I was fine, he was better, learning how to say his name whilst I was gone, so cute. Actually it was quite nice to just be me, on my own, no husband and no baby for a few days. No one to hide behind and no one to steal my food! We chatted on the phone most mornings and there were plenty of pictures being swapped, I could also tune into the MyDLink and BT Home Cameras that we use so I could get little glimpses of him. It was so great to see him when I got home and have lots of cuddles. Of course I missed the husband as well, but that's different to how I missed my child. 

As for personally being up to the trip, turns out I was fine, I was a bit nervous about the driving but I soon got over it, in fact I got quite speedy (for me) towards the end. I really enjoyed myself actually, I didn't feel worried or nervous the whole trip which is really unusual for me, I sometimes feel nervous about going to the supermarket! I got see amazing things, drinks plenty of wine, make new friends and tick a city off my bucket list, for me this was a once in a lifetime experience. 

So what did I get up to? Well after we had all met at the hotel in Heathrow and had dinner I retired quite early to my room, I was shattered and was actually, sadly, just looking forward to a shower that wasn't rushed and that I would have the luxury of being able to actually dry, I even got to blow dry my hair, really living it up! We were up early the next for our flight but even that felt positively luxurious, the day seemed to be a blur of coaches and planes until we arrived at Bridgestone for some lunch followed by a tour of the site.

Amazing Food and Wine Amazing Food and Wine Both evening's we had something amazing arranged for us, the first night was a vineyard tour, despite the dreadful weather it was brilliant, we were so spoilt, lovely food to nibble whilst we tested some the wine, so much we actually thought that was it, I ate a lot of mozzarella, a theme that was to continue for the whole break, there is a chance I am in mozzarella and wine withdrawal as we speak! It wasn't it though, no we were then taken through to the dining area where we were treated to another 3 courses of amazing food, each of which came with it's own specially selected wine in magic glasses that never, ever, got empty. There was a hilarious moment with some rather strong cheese that I was served as my veggie alternative, I had tried just a little but it was so strong I couldn't eat it so I left it, I didn't think anything of it when Sally asked if she could try some, then before I knew it the whole table was seeing if they could manage it. It was really strong, really, really strong. Not in the good way but in the laugh until you cry way. 

The following day was the driving with Bridgestone, amazing! I love my cars and bikes and I've always said the one thing I wanted to do was get a lap of a track in one of the safety cars, well this was as close as I'm going to get, in fact it was probably better. I got to drive, a lot and fast, so much fun! I got driven round a wet track by an ex F1 racer, Stefano Modeno, AMAZING! I got two laps of the oval in an Aston Martin DB9, not to learn anything about tyres, just for the fun of it, the driver also had some fun skidding it and slamming it round in circles when we came off the oval, I do believe I squealed 'this is the best fun ever' which made him chuckle. I also faced some major fears by being interviewed on camera, yes me, the nervous, previously anonymous blogger, it was weird but it felt great, I was so pleased with myself. For me it was a bigger achievement then when I completed the Go Ape course or jumped off the Air Jump platform at Hilltop. 

SupercarsSupercarsAfter our day of driving fun was over we were transferred to our third and final hotel in the centre of Rome, an amazing hotel with an awesome rooftop terrace and fab bar that bought us more wine and nibbles. We headed into a different part of Rome for our evening meal which was interesting, they didn't cope too well with my awkward non meat eating habits, but more than this I found myself somewhat scared of the waitress who actually told us off for not eating enough, she'd served enough for a small army but we had to eat more and this was only at the starters! After the meal we then on a little walking tour of the area which was great and then headed to an Irish Bar, as you do when in Rome!! I only had the one before heading back to my room, I didn't feel great and wanted an early start the next morning so I could get some pictures from that amazing rooftop terrace. 

Our third and final day was such an amazing experience, we started with a tour of the Colosseum, then we walked and walked and saw so much. Our tour guide was a complete legend, so knowledgeable and really great at his job. We walked through all the amazing monuments on Palatine Hill, we saw the Forum, the Senate, we went into the Pantheon, we saw fountains and Egyptian Obelisks, we stopped for Gelato and bought presents (tat) for those back home. I got husb and fridge magnet, but that's not all, he got a Bridgestone Cap as well and some pens from the hotels, I got L a stuffed Giraffe in a Roma T Shirt. I took hundreds of pictures and just loved soaking up the sun, that had appeared just in time, as well as the atmosphere.

We then had time for one final lunch together before heading back to the airport for our flight home. This was an amazing trip that I will always remember for so many reasons and I am so truly thankful for being invited on! I can't wait for the next time I get asked to review tyre performance!Sight Seeing In Rome Sight Seeing In Rome

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