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Preparing for a Toddler Friendly Holiday

Posted 18/5/2015

Summer Holidays - Brighton 2014Summer Holidays - Brighton 2014Well our summer holiday's are now sorted we are going to Devon in August thanks to Bailey of Bristol Caravans and The Caravan Club, we will also be going glamping at Warren Farm in Wales this summer, but that date is yet to be arranged.

In August the husb and I shall be travelling to South Devon with the toddler to stay in and review the Unicorn Cartagena from Bailey of Bristol. I have really fond memories of caravan holidays from when I was a child but the thought of it is making the husb somewhat uncomfortable. He is not the caravanning sort apparently. How he knows this when he's never done it is beyond me. So this review stands to be quite interesting, can I convert my husband and what will caravanning with a toddler be like?

Then we'll also be making the 6 hour journey to Wales to stay in an amazing Bell Tent, this trip will definitely be punctuated with a stop off to the Malvern's where I grew up, I can't wait to show my husband the amazing countryside of my childhood and I'm looking forward to glamping, camping with actual mattresses, fairy lights and bathroom facilities, am I slightly worried about not having anywhere high that I can put things out of reach of small toddler hands, well yes, but it will be an adventure!

Bet he won't sleep like this again!Bet he won't sleep like this again!We haven't travelled with L for about a year, we went to Portsmouth and Brighton with him last summer and just booked a Travelodge for 2 nights as we weren't sure how it would go. He was easy. He slept in the car for hours, he was still being breast fed with a few stage 1 pouches in between. He was happy without toys. He napped twice a day regardless of where he was. He couldn't walk! We had a blast and wish we'd booked for longer.

This year will be different. Food should be easier as he eats anything and everything, also being in the caravan or tent means we can cook at times that suit us, well him, what adult actually wants to eat at 5pm? As for the rest, well I have my concerns!

He gets restless in the car for long periods, who can blame him. He gets a right little terror without a nap but won't have one if he thinks he's missing out. He needs constant entertainment and now he can walk, well, let's just say it can be interesting. So far I've got a few things in place to help us. Stabilo make these brilliant Cappi pens. They all fit on a loop that you can fix onto pushchairs or round the headrest of the car seat in front (not that this will happen he is too young and I love my car), it also keeps everything together, makes them super easy to travel with and has in itself proved to be very entertaining, L loves running round with them click clacking together, trying to free them from the loop, trying to put the loop over the cat, chewing the loop, I could carry on but you get the picture. They are specially shaped so they will not roll, perfect for restaurants, planes, trains or caravans! They can also last for 2hrs without the caps on without drying out. They are easily baby wiped off hands, faces and laminate flooring provided you get there relatively fast, it takes a more vigorous baby wipe if left for more than 15 minutes or so. The best bit for me is that these are the first pens that L has been able to put the lids back on for himself, to see the happiness on face is a pleasure. 

Stabilo Cappi PensStabilo Cappi PensWe'll be taking our travel cot. Much deliberation has gone into this, but he hasn't yet progressed to a junior bed at home so he's used to a cot. I also really don't want to have to worry about him rampaging round the caravan all night, or worse, escaping the tent and roaming feral round the Welsh countryside! Plus ours has a changing table attachment which is really great as it saves my poor back. Making up the travel cot every night won't take any longer than converting the caravan sofas into a bed so I think this all work best for us.

We'll make sure the tablet is loaded with Waybuloo, Chuggingtons and In The Night Garden episodes. As well as some films for us grown ups to enjoy on the evenings. Lets be honest I'm going to be using it for Tweeting and Facebook updates too, maybe some Pinterest time, there's nothing like being on holiday to make you want to share pictures! Hopefully I'll even get some time to read, I haven;t read a book in forever, it has actually been months and I've got loads to read!

Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab BagBecky Mantin's Nappy Grab BagWe've even got a handy Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bag. It's got everything you need for a single nappy change so great to keep in the car for an emergency or just in your pocket if you are going out but don't want the whole changing bag with you. Husb loves it because he can just take one thing in with him, it's all there, it's small and the whole lot is just binned afterwards as it is it's own waste bag. I love it because the pack turns into a portable changing mat, great for less than savoury changing rooms or if you are caught short on a long walk and L finds the nappies comfortable. It'll never replace my changing bag as we still need the toys, snacks and everything else but I would also keep a few around for day trips, car emergencies or chucking at babysitting family members. If you like the sound of these you will find them at Ocado and from June they'll be popping up all over the place including Amazon, they are available in the full range of nappy sizes (1 to 6) and £9.95 for a multi pack of five.

I know there is still way more I need to think about and that now we are travelling with a toddler we will always be literally cramming the car full to the brim, I may even have to get one of those roof things to put things in, but I'm sure we'll work it out.

I'm really looking forward to our holidays, I haven't been to Devon in years so can't wait to explore and Wales holds many find memories for me. If you've got any tips for me or places to go do share! 

Disclaimer - this is a collaborative post Our Last Summer Holiday Our Last Summer Holiday

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