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Quick and Easy Easter Cards with Baker Ross

Posted 9/2/2015

Easy Easter CardsEasy Easter CardsAs part of the Baker Ross blogger network I regularly get a lovely little parcel of goodies so I can get crafty with some of their latest seasonal products.

I love the choice and great value offered by Baker Ross, this month L and I have been making some really simple, toddler friendly Easter cards using coloured card, neon poster paints sticks and some flowery pom poms, you'll also need scissors and some glue.

Start by folding your card in half to create a card shape, then let the kids go wild covering them in paint. The poster paint sticks make it really easy for my little boy to paint all by himself with minimal mess, they are just like chunky crayons except you can wind a solid paint out, very little mess and even less waste! If you are worried about your floors or table my top tip is to head to your nearest bargain store and grab a shower curtain, cheap and effective.

Once the paint is dry simply cut into a simple egg shape, ensuring you leave an adequate amount of the folded side for a hinge, then add your poms poms, ta da, quick and easy Easter cards. Some of the foam rabbit stickers from Baker Ross could be added, glitter, ribbon, why not cut out bunnies instead of eggs? There are plenty of options available whilst still keeping things simple and quick.

Of course you can go wild with the decorations and add more things to suit the age of your child, as L is only 16 months these simple cards are plenty for him (and me). 

Fun Foam GlassesFun Foam GlassesSome other great Easter craft ideas include woolly pom pom chicks, a real classic but still a favourite of mine. Can't remember how to make a pom pom? You need to discs of card and a lot of wool, simple wrap the wool around your discs of card until you can't fit any more, then cut around with your scissors just reaching inside the two discs, make sure your knot round the middle is firm then remove the card by cutting it off. You can experiment with sizes and shapes, add wobbly eyes, felt beaks, ribbon scarves and you are sorted.

Of course you will have to decorate some eggs, if you don't fancy egg blowing you can buy plastic or ceramic eggs just waiting to be painted. They make lovely hanging decorations if you have an Easter tree or just look nice as a side display, mainly it's just something fun to do that the whole family can get involved with. Do people still roll decorated eggs? I used to love that.

I loved decorating the foam Easter glasses that Baker Ross sent me, although a bit advanced for L, it won’t be many months at all before he can do this kind of thing, it was funny putting them on him though, adorable! He wouldn't stay still long enough for a picture though.

Easter isn't all about chocolate, on our house it’s all about the crafts!! 

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