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Shere Hill Climb

Posted 8/9/2015

We spent a delightfully sunny Sunday enjoying a day of motoring at Shere Hill Climb, it was a fabulous day out, aided not only by the weather but by my son being impeccably behaved despite having the start of a cold, which made him very cuddly. 

As a bit of background for you Shere Hill Climb is still a relatively new event with the first being held in September 2013, needless to say it was a hit. They close off Staple Lane, a normal public road, for the event. The section of the lane used for the climb ascends about 300ft and is just under a mile long, there a few challenging corners and some added haybale chicanes for an extra challenge.Shere Hill ClimbShere Hill Climb

It all came about after the road closures for the Olympics and the changes in planning bought about by that, in fact Staple Lane was one of those closed for the Olympics, so a group of local petrol heads reasoned that if the Olympic organisers can close so many roads in Surrey for their bicycles, surely they could get one small lane closed for only a few hours for their own car event.

125 cars ranging from a Bugatti to a 2CV took part in the first event, on Sunday there were 150 entrants including some motorbikes. The informal and friendly atmosphere meant that not only did we get to have a good old nosey around them but we got to chat to the owners as well. There is a real mix of cars, from old classics to new models, supercars and lets be honest some super slow cars. The paddock also had some manufacturer displays from Citroen and Porsche, some local club stands and a few local businesses with their merchandise, to top it off there was a small selection of fairground rides and bouncy castles for the kids, amazing catering and a chance to sling your own car round a little grass track.

The best viewing is at the top of the lane, it's quite a walk, especially with a cuddly, must be carried toddler. We found a lovely spot near one of the haybale chicanes, enjoyed a little picnic and watched some cars make their climb. There were some bathroom and catering facilities in the viewing area which I wasn't expecting, the majority though, is in the paddock. So after we had watched a few cars and when the boy was ready for some more entertainment we headed back to the main paddock.Our Day At Shere Hill ClimbOur Day At Shere Hill Climb

There is good viewing to be had from the paddock, with a 'grandstand' area that had been built and some well placed haybales and some handy breaks in the hedgerow. We got to see quite a bit, to be fair the main thing that hampered our viewing was our child! Then when we got him sorted some rather inconsiderate and frankly idiotic people decided to have a little meander along the road, despite clear signs, fencing and marshalls, they caused quite some delay and I hope that when they were found they were forced to leave the event. Morons.

We had a really fantastic day and before we even knew it we'd been there for 3 hours! Time flies when you're having fun. The atmosphere really was amazing, there were so many families, loads of people had bought their dogs, there were hardcore enthusiasts and people just looking to enjoy a well priced, motorsport themed day out. The sun was shining, the beer tent was busy and there was gin so I was happy. I even bought a bottle, the amazing Silent Pool Gin does deserve a mention from this newly converted fan, they are based a couple of miles away from Shere Hill Climb and they make the most fantabulous gin known to man!

The fairgrounds rides were a bit pants, but the kids using them, mine included loved them! A little train rides and some bouncy castles with a few other bits thrown in.

We will certainly look to go again, a great day out, just a shame it's so far away from us!

Disclosure - we were gifted our tickets in exchange for our honest opinions.

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