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Win a Selection of RESCUE Products

Are you looking for ways to start the New Year off on the right foot? If so it’s actually an easier process than you may think as the sooner you change your mindset the faster you’ll jump start a successful and happy year. It's never too late to start, as you know I started my journey towards a calmer life in the middle of January.

To help you on your way here's your chance to win a selection of products from the RESCUE REMEDY range.Win a Rescue Remedy SelectionWin a Rescue Remedy Selection

RESCUE® has the following tips that could help you successfully set and achieve your goals for 2016:

  • I Can Do This attitude:  With a positive and healthy attitude by starting the resolution with "I can", as opposed to "I cannot…"
  • Be specific:  When thinking about your New Year’s resolution make them as exact and specific as possible as these are easier to keep to.
  • Goals:  Set realistic goals that are within reach, else you are just asking for failure.
  • I Can Do This belief:  Staying positive and believing in yourself will help to keep your spirits up.
  • Be flexible:  Keep in mind that setbacks can happen and if they do try to continue and not give up.
  • Reward yourself:  Acknowledge your achievements, even the small ones. Reaching a goal takes hard work and you should be proud of your efforts.

When your day seems a little too much to handle, why not take a moment out with RESCUE REMEDY®. It is a combination of five specially blended Bach™ Original Flower Essences, these are Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum.  When you need to get the most from your busy day take comfort that RESCUE REMEDY is by your side, it can be used any time, anywhere and is suitable for all the family. Personally I like the liquid, a few drops in a glass of cold water to sip at really brings me back to a more centred place.

RESCUE is available from Boots, Lloydspharmacy, independent pharmacies and health food stores as well as grocery stores nationwide. Products and prices are:

RESCUE REMEDY 10ml dropper - £6.90

RESCUE REMEDY 20ml dropper - £9.20

RESCUE REMEDY 7ml spray - £6.90

RESCUE REMEDY 20ml spray - £9.20

For more information, go to

Win a Selection of Rescue Remedy Products

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