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Vileda 100˚C Hot Spray Mop


I never thought I could love a mop so much, but yet I do, the Vileda 100 degree Hot Spray Mop is amazing! The fact my son thinks it's a tractor and asks to clean with it, unlike the vacuum cleaner, that makes him cry. Vileda Hot Spray Mop Vileda Hot Spray Mop

I love the idea of my steam cleaner, I bought whilst I was pregnant, ready to clean the whole house with no chemicals and just steamy, watery goodness. Not an expensive fancy thing, just one I could afford and yes I cleaned the whole house form top to bottom and steam cleaning is awesome, then I gave birth and all of a sudden this thing with wires and that was hot to the touch and took forever to heat up and needed to be left before I could put it away got relegated to the cupboard. You see I can't use it with L in the house, it's too much of a worry for me, it takes too much time and when he isn't in the house and I do have time without him I don't have a couple of hours to spend cleaning, I am working or trying to to take some time for myself or have all the other housework to do. My Vileda Hot Spray Mop My Vileda Hot Spray Mop

So this is why I love the Vileda 100˚C Hot Spray Mop so much:

It is is cordless, hurrah!

It heats up in literally 90 seconds, I timed it, it's true.

With a RRP of £59.99 it's affordable, and at the moment if you head to the Vileda website you can get it for £50 with a free cleaning kit!

It has all the chemical free bacteria killing benefits of steam cleaning.

It is easy to use, the microfibre pad just sticks on and can be machine washed, it's so light it's a pleasure and the floors are dry almost instantly.

It's swivelly little head gets under and around everything so I don't have to move all the furniture.

Nothing on it is hot to the touch so if L does want to push it around with me he can and I don't have to worry.

Because there's no mop bucket there are no spillages and no drowned toys.

The trigger sprays hot water directly onto the microfibre pad, so you can control how much water you put on the floor.

You can use it on all hard floors, even laminate and wood.Cleaning Head Cleaning Head

It really is so simple, just plug it in, push the little yellow button and wait for the red light to turn green then you are away. It cleans brilliantly, even removing squished fruity wriggles off the floor. The area in the mop head where you are supposed to squirt the water onto the pad makes a great place to store toys so they can be pushed round the house, it does spoil the cleaning, but it keeps the child happy. I love that I can just pull it out to clean a quick spill or quickly run over all the floors whilst L is playing, no need to wait for anything to heat up or fill a bucket of water, no need to rummage through the cupboard to find the right cleaning product.Fill measure Fill measure

It takes up less space in my cleaning corner, as it clicks upright and stands by itself it's easy to store, and it's so light that if it gets pulled over by an over excited child who wants to mop it doesn't matter. Even the little floating tab inside the water store that rises to show you when it's full is well thought out and makes life that bit easier.

So why does my boy think this very obviously a mop, mop is a tractor? Well since Christmas he thinks that every parcel he opens will be a tractor, or similar toy that he will love, so when he opened this one, after a string of parcels that very clearly were not tractors, and he saw it was red and big and needed to be put together, he decided to make the best out of the situation and claim it as his own. His very own big red cleaning tractor that he can use with his mummy as we do something together, and if I'm honest, pretending I'm cleaning with a tractor is way better than normal cleaning!

Disclosure - I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest review 

Destination Norwich 


There are lots of different Destination Board Games but as I'm a Norwich girl I have been sent the Norwich Edition to review, it has combined my love of our 'Fine City' of Norwich, yes that's what you'll see as you arrive, 'Norwich - A Fine City' not great, not amazing, nor beautiful, nor historic, even though it is indeed all those things, we bill it as just fine and a good old fashioned board game, something fun that gets the whole family together and the tech turned off! So I was always going to love it. Destination Norwich Destination Norwich

If you think it sounds familiar it might be because you watched the creator Rachel the first series of Dragon’s Den, she went home empty handed after one of the harshest roastings the show has seen, weren't they foolish.

In Destination you are a Taxi driver collecting fares around the city, trying to not run out of fuel and earn more money than everyone else playing, it's actually based on Rachel's own experience as a cab driver in Portsmouth paying her way through university as a mature student with two children. Whilst out on a shift she had the idea for a taxi board game called Destination.

The Destination brand now comprises of over 25 editions including a Harry Potter version; Destination Hogwarts, and a Disney Pixar edition; Destination Animation, London 2012 Olympic games and the new Downton Abbey range.Destination Norwich Destination Norwich

I loved the Norwich edition and before I even started playing spent ages looking at the roads on the board and the places mentioned on the playing cards, all of the major places I've worked at in the City were on there, Surrey Street, Colegate and Rose Lane so I played with L showing him all the places that were special to me, he however was only interested in pushing the cars round the roads, it is not a game for two year olds, but with the cars on the box he was enthralled anyway and made up his own little driving game. 

There are so many great places mentioned such as Jarrolds department store (where you can buy the game), Norwich Cathedral and The Forum. There were even some lesser known places to those who aren't local like my favourite music venue The Waterfront and so many more places that hold amazing memories for me.

When it came to games night husb and I had great fun collecting our fares, avoiding the traffic lights and just trying to survive the shift!

Destination Norwich can be ordered via the Jarrold department store site and you check out the Destination site for more places to visit.

Disclosure - I was gifted my game for the purpose of this review 

The Town House - Crown Carveries - Norwich


On Tuesday we had been invited to the Town House in Norwich for a meal, in Thorpe by the river we decided to make the most of our day and go for a lovely walk at Whitlingham first.The Town House - Crown Carveries - Norwich The Town House - Crown Carveries - Norwich

Like all of my best laid plans, when it comes to carrying them through L often has different ideas. The plan was simple, swim lesson, bank, drive to Whitlingham, walk, head to The Town House for lunch, nap on the way home. What actually happened was  a smidge different. Swim lesson, which in case you were wondering was the first in a long time that L enjoyed and didn't try to drown me, bank, drive to Whitlingham, walk for 3 minutes before tripping into a puddle and launching into an epic meltdown, head back to car and nap for an hour whilst we drove aimlessly. Then we headed to Morrisons to buy some new trousers to replace the puddle soaked ones before driving to The Town House to enjoy lunch.River views at The Town HouseRiver views at The Town House

With plenty of parking it's really easy to visit and with lovely views over the river and moored boats, with the train line running in the background it couldn't be a better place to take a toddler, lots to see and keep amused, there was also a horse grazing and a digger in one of the fields so he really was very happy. It is a shame it wasn't the weather to enjoy the beer garden really, that would have been lush.Pointing at boats Pointing at boats

Despite the fact my plan for a good walk failed, a well napped child is a happy child, a child who is presented with crayons almost immediately is even happier. We had a lovely table by the window overlooking the river and Tuesday lunch time is relatively quiet, we were far from on our own but we didn't have to worry too much about L being noisy either.Cheese & Jalapeno Bites Cheese & Jalapeno Bites Husb and I both ordered starters and mains and we got a kids meal for L, which they arranged to bring out at the same time as our starters. In fact throughout our meal they were very conscientious when it came to serving L, even passing him a book from the toy stash in the corner at one point, it really is a great place for families. Everyone who served us was brilliant and took the time to make sure we knew what we were doing when it came to the carvery portion of the meal and getting our unlimited sides. Hunters Gammon & Cheese Melt Hunters Gammon & Cheese Melt

I went for Cheese & Jalapeno Bites for my starter, which were delicious and husb had the Hunters Gammon & Cheese Melt, we didn't have to wait long at all and the portion sizes were just right. L had the kids Chicken Nuggets and he got to go to the carvery to pick his sides, he could have whatever he wanted from the veg and potato options that were available, so chips, peas and beans it was, bless him. Despite being offered a spoon he decided the only way to eat was with the grown up fork, so things got a bit messy but he was happy. Kids Chicken Nuggets Kids Chicken Nuggets

After our starters and whilst L was eating his main, husb popped to the carvery to get his meal, he had gone for the Standard Carvery and came back with a plate loaded with three types of meats, a yorkshire pud, mash, gravy and a token portion of vegetables. He was very happy. I went for the Broccoli & Brie Bake and the waitress came to get me when that was ready at the carvery so I could select my sides, I had carrots, peas, parsnips and chips. It took a lot of self control to leave the cauliflower cheese behind! My pie was really yummy and I was so impressed with the vegetarian options, normally I wouldn't choose to eat at a carvery as I don't like the smell of the meats and the options for me are normally very poor. This is not the case at The Town House, there were several things I would have loved to have tried and that's before you get to the fish options which I also enjoy. Broccoli & Brie Bake Broccoli & Brie Bake

As we were still eating and L was starting to get a bit fractious the waitress asked if we wanted anything else for him and we went for the jelly and ice cream option, always a classic, he got served a huge portion with a thick strawberry sauce that had real strawberries in it, needless to say he was most content with this and dug right in. Tucking into his Jelly & Ice Cream Tucking into his Jelly & Ice Cream

We decided to have deserts as well, I had been eyeing up the ice cream sundaes and needed to cheer myself up after the walk I had been so looking forward to fell through. It's fair to say husb was really stuffed but he decided to soldier on with a sundae as well, mainly out of jealousy I think. I had the Rocky Road Sundae which was amazing, vanilla ice cream, chunks of chocolate brownie and shortcake biscuits, loads of mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce and a flake. L had the flake and every now and then little fingers would sneak across and nick a marshmallow as well. Husb had the chocolate fudge sensation which was equally jam packed with treats but did beat him in the end. Rocky Road SundaeRocky Road Sundae

We had a really enjoyable meal, L loved watching the trains and really enjoyed his food, we enjoyed getting a bit of a break because he was so happy and really loved our food as well. Personally I also really loved what amazing value everything was, even with us having three courses, drinks and properly spoiling ourselves we only spent £40. With the main meals only £5.99 each and the kids meal which included a drink only £4.99 you would be forgiven for expecting fast food quality, but you got so much more than that. Yeah there were a couple of areas that needing touching up décor wise and the food isn't going to win awards but it is good honest food and amazingly low prices, it is tasty and it comes with a smile. Chocolate Fudge Sensation Chocolate Fudge Sensation

It is safe to say that The Town House has gone from being somewhere I would have never have picked as I assumed I wouldn't like it, to one of my Norwich eateries of choice, we have never had such lovely service or felt so comfortable eating out with L, top notch!

Disclosure - we were invited to eat at The Town House as their guests, all opinions are my own honest thoughts



I've been having a play with the fun animation programme CrazyTalk it allows you take any digital image and animate it so that it talks. 

Now whilst I love my tech I am often not great with things like this and leaping straight into the Pro Version worried me a little but as you'll see in the short video below, even I can can do it. 

Reallusion created this great software product brilliantly, it flows well, is responsive, guides you through the process with ease and has plenty of samples voices, animations and features that you can use to practice with or add to your own creations. I used the stock voices for James just so I could get the feel of things.  

You can make your pet talk, animate your favourite cartoon character, take a picture of your friend and turn into an animation. Imagination the funny birthday cards you could create, or party invites, or school projects. Just so many things! 

This product is great for all the family, CrazyTalk is already used in some schools, from primary up. When L gets a bit older I reckon he'll have loads of fun with this, taking pictures of the animals when we go to the zoo and creating characters. It really is brilliant. 

Now I've attached my first creation, not because it is my best, far from it. I should have used a better picture, recorded my own voice over, been a bit more detailed around the eyes. I have attached my first creation because it proves how much you can do straight away, learning as you go. I attached it because it is funny, because my cat should always talk and because it gives you a good idea just what the software is capable of.

Disclosure - I was gifted the software so that I could give my honest views and opinions

Salcura Natural Skin Care 


Over the last couple of weeks I have been using some of the lovely products from Salcura. I have tried the Bioskin Face Cleanser, the Bioskin DermaSerum which is suitable for Eczema & Psoriasis prone skin and the Antiac Activ Gel Serum which targets spots and blackheads and can help reduce them in four hours. 

The three products work together really well as a skin care routine, cleanser, moisturiser and serum and I've been really impressed. I love the fact they are almost completely natural and they all smell great. They are free from SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals.

Bioskin Face CleanserBioskin Face Cleanser

The Face Cleanser is bright orange and smells clean yet citrusy, it is really gentle to the point that when I got some in my eye, because yes I am stupid sometimes, it barely stung and washed out in seconds. Unlike when I got shampoo in my eyes the other day, there were some words said when that happened! The Face Wash has Sea Buckthorn which is vital for skin healing and skin repair, Jojoba Oil for nourishment and Rosemary to help improve cell renewal. It does foam, but not much and it rinses off clean leaving a lovely fresh feeling.Bioskin DermaSerumBioskin DermaSerum

The DermaSerum is a daily moisturiser that can even be used round the eyes, which in my books is a great thing as that's one less product to buy!It is completely non greasy, which is really important to me and has a light zingy tea tree and eucalyptus scent to it which makes your face feel really fresh and ready for the day. It absorbs so quickly and straight away my skin felt softer. I have actually found it hard to only use it once a day. Antiac Gel SerumAntiac Gel Serum

The Antiac ACTIV Gel Serum is an actual revelation, on the box it says it can help with breakouts in only four hours, which I thought was laughable. But I had a couple of really nasty spots and places to be so I took my pea sized blob as advised and applied to my whole face, concentrating on the spots of course and by lunch time they were no way near as pronounced. To say I was shocked is an under statement. Three applications later and they were gone. Freakin amazing! This is a real must have.

Disclosure - I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review 

Goodness Gracious Foods - Baby Food


As you know I am am well past the weaning stage with my little monster but one of my closest friends is just starting that journey with her little one, so they have kindly helped me out with this review. 

Goodness Gracious Foods is an organic baby and toddler food range, created by mums and dads especially for healthy families. They have a simple plan based on the awareness that children’s taste buds are formed in those first important three years, meaning that it’s vitally important to not give little ones too much sugar or sweetness early on.Goodness Gracious Foods Goodness Gracious Foods

So their food pouches are 100% organic and gluten free, they contain no added sugar, have plenty of wholesome grains, great flavours and tasty, health-promoting spices. In fact the apple and pear varieties contain around 22% less sugar than that found in a key competitors’ apple and pear purees, bonus.

When the parcel arrived at my house I was very impressed with the range of flavours, yes you've got your plain Pear and plain Apple purees, but these are a must for a weaning baby, but then there was Banana, Plum & Quinoa, Broccoli, Carrot & Petit Pois and Apple, Apricot & Cinnamon all in the 4 month+ category, which is just amazing and I would have loved to have found some of these when I was first trying different flavours with L. In the 8 month+ bracket there was Chicken, Sweet Potato & Spinach which L would still eat now, Sweet Potato was always a firm favourite. Then in the 12 month+ group there was Mango, Coconut MIlk & Brown Rice which L did love, he had both pouches to himself one as a snack and one 10 minutes later as I was weak and couldn't stand the whining and begging any longer!

So over to my my friend's darling little baby, the lower sugar content and organic status were a big hit with mummy. The apple and purees went down a treat as you can imagine he's only on a few spoonfuls per meal at the moment but the pouches made that really easy. The Apple, Apricot & Cinnamon took a few more tries to like but tummy soothing properties ofthe cinnamon were soon a big hit with mummy & son alike. Carrot, Petit Pois & Apple was also very popular as it is still naturally sweet in flavour so a great way to introduce vegetables which always face a little more resistance than the fruit does.

Goodness Gracious Foods pouches are available to buy via Ocado, if you are in London you will also be lucky enough to find them stocked in 15 independent London

retailers and are available to purchase online from Prices start at £1.10.

Disclosure - we were sent a selection of pouches to enable the review 

Christmas Decoration Storage Solutions from Packmate


When do you take your Christmas decorations down? I normally stick to the traditional 12th night, the reasons for this are two fold. Number one I like to keep Christmas going as long as possible. Number two it's my birthday on the 6th it makes sense for Christmas to end on the 5th!Packing away Christmas with PackmatePacking away Christmas with Packmate

This year however everything is already down and packed away because I got sent some fab storage solutions from Packmate and I wanted to share them with you before the traditional packing away date. Also as you may have guessed from some of my recent posts I'm just over Christmas.Wreath Storage from PackmateWreath Storage from Packmate

I got sent a wreath storage bag which is a simple idea of a sturdy round bag that's big enough for even the largest of wreaths with a smaller round bag that can be filled with other decorations to sit in the middle of the wreath both maximising your useful storage space and keeping the wreath safely in place. Now sadly my wreath is far too tiny to use with this storage bag (so obviously I'll be buying a larger one for next year) but I love the idea of it, it is made of a sturdy fabric and the simple inclusion of a hanging hook meaning you can store it off the floor should you need. The large space means if your wreath doesn't fill it, most wouldn't, you can also neatly wrap lights, tinsel, garlands it other long decorations round the outside of the wreath keeping them neat and tidy too.Decoration Storage Box from PackmateDecoration Storage Box from Packmate

The second product I was sent is the decoration storage box, a simple canvas box with rigid sides and lid and multiple areas inside for the decorations. It folds flat when not in use, so no need to head in and out of the loft, and has a handy viewing window so you always know which box to grab.A Toddler in a box!A Toddler in a box!

The main outer box takes literally second to unfold and the cardboard inserts take maybe 15 seconds to slot together. It apparently only takes 12.5 seconds for your child to grab a blanket and pillow and make a bed inside the box though! Proof that it is big enough to store a whole entire toddler.

My usual storage was two plastic boxes and a lot of carrier bags for wrapping and padding, trying to carefully stack everything inside the boxes, meaning things sometimes got squashed or broken and I had to unwrap everything before I could start decorating just to find out what was where.Layer one of the Packmate decoration storageLayer one of the Packmate decoration storage

With the two layers of small compartments in this box there's no need for additional wrapping as you can keep things separate that need to be separate, put smaller similar items all together, keep lengths of tinsel apart and most importantly see everything making the whole process of packing away and unpacking quicker and easier.

I loved that the cardboard inserts were all separate and not pre glued or anything, this meant I was able to leave some larger spaces for bigger ornaments.Layer two of the Packmate Decoration Storage BoxLayer two of the Packmate Decoration Storage Box

Everything is really well made, with thoughtful inclusions to make life that bit easier, I literally got everything packed away in the time it took husb to give the toddler a bath, usually with all the wrapping and what not it would take a whole evening. I love my new storage and am so impressed I'll be looking to get the wrapping paper storage solution that's in the range.

Disclosure - I was sent my products in return for my honest review 

Buff & Butter Essential Oils


I love essential oils, they have so many uses and can make so much difference to me in so many ways, so when Buff & Butter got in touch to see if I would like to review some of their oils I jumped at the chance. 

I was allowed to choose five oils from their site and this is what I went for:

  • Rose Geranium 
  • Tea Tree 
  • Peppermint 
  • Grapefruit 
  • LemonBuff & Butter Essential OilsBuff & Butter Essential Oils

So why these five? Well I went for the Rose Geranium oil because a little dab of that fixes up my cold sores in next to no time, Tea Tree is obviously a classic anti sceptic and great for your skin, the Peppermint is great at settling an upset tummy just a little sniff is very calming and mixed with Lavender makes a great headache relief, both the Grapefruit and Lemon were mainly for there uplifting and energising properties. 

The thing with essential oil are that you can never have too many, you are always learning new things you can do with them and the combination potential is mind blowing. Used on their own to scent a room, heavily diluted in a bath, mixed with a base for any number of other applications they are just brilliant. 

We have been using them a lot in our Lumie Iris, a clock that allows you to wake up and go to sleep, not only with a natural light effect of sunset and sunrise but also with scent that it diffuses, so in the evenings we have been using Lavender Oil and in the mornings we have been using the Buff & Butter Lemon and Peppermint Oils. 

All the Buff & Butter Essential Oils I picked happened to be organic, they were shipped incredibly quickly and were very well packaged. What I liked most though was the vast choice of essential oils available on their website and the fact they are very reasonably priced. You know you are getting top quality oils and you can also buy the carrier oils from them, as well as some lovely floral waters amongst other things.

Disclosure - I was sent my oils free of charge in return for my honest review

No! No! Micro


For the last few weeks I have been using the No! No! Micro. The travel version of the ever popular No! No! The one you see advertised on TV all the time and if you’re like me always wonder about trying it.No! No! Micro - What's in the BoxNo! No! Micro - What's in the Box

In the box you get;

  • The No! No! Micro
  • A strap to attach to your No! No!
  • The charger which works in a shaving socket in the bathroom
  • Two heads for the No! No! one large and one small for different areas.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • A No! No! Buffer for use after you’ve treated an area.
  • Instructions.
  • A travel bag that holds everything with space for more should you need it.

No! No! Micro - SizeNo! No! Micro - SizeWhat has really impressed me is the size of the No! No! it truly lives up to it’s Micro standard, fitting in the palm of my hand this is perfect for travelling, so compact and no blades so no worry about hand luggage if you’re flying! I was also impressed with the travel bag, it is a little gold bag, it is padded and wouldn’t look out of place in a handbag, normally you get something cheap and cheerful that does nothing other than keep everything in the same place, often you struggle to fit everything in it, but this is a little bit luxurious and very roomy.

Using the No! No! is incredibly straight forward, just charge it, press the on bottom so the battery light and heated head light turn green and then go. When it’s pressed to the skin a roller at the back senses the pressure and triggers the head to heat up, there is a guard to stop it getting too close to the skin and a blue light that turns on so you know it is working. You can’t go wrong so there is no need to worry about hurting yourself on the super heated head.No! No! Micro - In UseNo! No! Micro - In Use

It makes a little buzzing noise when it’s working but it isn’t loud, you could easily watch TV whilst using it which you can’t with an epilator, electric shaver or razor (well I suppose you can with a razor but I need to use a significant amount of water unless I want to cut myself to shreds and get a dreadful rash so it’s not practical).

It’s works by heating up a little filament that runs inside the head unit, this burns through the hairs and the heat ‘zaps’ them down to the skin. Very simple. I found that it takes a couple of uses to get a nice smooth finish but so long as you keep on top of it after you have everything as you want it is a quick, easy and pain free way to remove hair. Afterwards you use the buffer just to remove any last little bits of hair.No! No! Micro - Simple to UseNo! No! Micro - Simple to Use

On the box they bill this as being almost pain free, I would go as far as saying it is pain free, I’ve tried it on my legs, underarms and face and all I’ve felt is a little warmth, certainly no pain.

You do get that burning hair smell, but that dissipates quickly, I still wouldn't use it if I were expecting guests to arrive within the hour though, just in case!

Whilst I have found it to be quite time consuming, which with the Micro is to be expected, it is only small, I have also found it incredibly addictive. It is so easy to use I can just pick it up and do a little bit in a spare five minutes and I have found I do this quite a bit. The charge lasts about two of hours of use, but it holds very well when not in use, for days and days, once fully charged.No! No! Micro - Uses Heat & LightNo! No! Micro - Uses Heat & Light

Compared to other hair removal options it does well, especially for me, I can’t use creams I hate the smell and the last time I did the cat brushed past my legs and then I had to bathe him, you can only imagine the results! It is slower than shaving with a razor, which is always going to win on the speed front, but you are not going to cut yourself or risk razor rash. It is faster than epilating, a lot faster and whilst I don’t find epilating painful it is uncomfortable and can leave my legs a little red and bobbly for an hour or so the No! No! does not, you can use the No! No! and go straight out legs proudly on show but you do still get the regrowth everyday.

I have found that each method has its plus points and negative points but this fairs well and whilst for me this isn’t going to replace shaving or epilating, it will be used a lot and most certainly whenever I travel, I would also consider the larger version to see if that helps with the speed issue. I can see why people are fans of No! No! and I’m almost there myself.

Disclosure - I was sent the No! No! MIcro in return for my honest opinions 

Sunday Lunch at The Warrener Thetford


What better way to spend a Sunday than having a lovely walk and then lunch with your family? Lunch that you don't have to cook or wash up after, that's what! We were ever so happy to be invited to The Warrener in Thetford to try out their new menu last weekend.

We started our trip with a visit to High Lodge Thetford Forest, had a good walk and lots of play to make sure we were hungry! The Warrener is ideally situated for a post High Lodge refuel, it's just the other side of the roundabout. In fact it's very easy to get to, being just off the A47 and attached to a Premier Inn, it is very handy for a lot of reasons.The Warenner ReviewThe Warenner Review

Our first impressions were really good, the car park is huge and The Warrener is very attractive with a nice facade, some outside seating and nice planting. There isn't a play area attached but there is a local park with plenty of space and nice play equipment just on the edge of the car park, literally a two minute walk, so that's handy to know if you are staying at the Premier Inn or have kids who just want a play after you've eaten.

When you get inside we were all struck be how lovely it was, not at all what you would expect from what is essentially a chain pub. It was very individual, clean, warm and welcoming. Lots of pictures from the local area and just very nice indeed. We got a welcoming greeting and were shown to a nice table in the corner.

We took my parents so were a party of 4 adults and 1 toddler, so our round table for 4 could potentially have been bigger but we had plenty of space around us and didn't feel cramped, it was nice to be near a window, very light and the highchair provided was very clean and didn't have to to have the tray up, which meant L could eat with us like a grown up which he much prefers.

Our drinks orders were taken quickly and there was a good choice of Ales on tap which pleased my husband no end, he went for Adnams Ghost Ship in case you were wondering.

The kids pack for L was really fun, crayons, stickers and a Horrible History booklet with puzzles, facts and colouring, great for all ages.

The menu choice was superb, our party consisted of 2 vegetarians, me who also eats fish, then my husband who likes meat and a little one.

Husb's Mixed Grill The Warrener, ThetfordHusb's Mixed Grill The Warrener, Thetford

L had the kids meal deal, 1 main & 2 sides for £3.99 plus a free desert on a Sunday (and after 5pm on weekdays) so he went for cod bites, baked beans and mash. Husb had the mixed grill and was able to swap the mushrooms for an egg, mum had the Spinach & Ricotta lasagne, Dad the vegetable pie and I had Scampi & chips.

Considering we sat down at 12.30pm on a Sunday the food didn't take to long to arrive, sadly L's cod bites weren't fully cooked but these were taken away and replaced without question and because our waitress realised I was then feeding him my meal (can't take food away from a hungry toddler and get away with it can you) she bought me out a second bowl of Scampi as well, which wasn't asked for but greatly appreciated and really nice of her to notice, also handy as some of mine were a little undercooked as well.

Mum enjoyed her lasagne, Dad found a couple of his Roast Potatoes had been left under the heat lamp too long so were very tough and his pie was a little spicy for his tastes, that just made me wish I'd picked it though, I love spicy! The other half loved his mixed grill, the steak was a little tough but everything else was lovely. Price wise everything was spot on though, great value and when you are eating at a busy place on a Sunday at lunch time you expect a certain type of food and this excelled those expectations.My Scampi & Chips being tucked into buy the boyMy Scampi & Chips being tucked into buy the boy

We all had deserts as well, L had jelly with a wiggly worm hidden in it! He was needless to say incredibly impressed, Dad had coconut ice cream in a chocolate shell which was delicious and the rest of us went for Sundaes, I had Jaffa Cake, Husb had Rocky Road and Mum had Blak Forest. All three were huge and delicious. They also serve Costa Coffee, so Dad had an Espresso.

I didn't manage to get many pictures whilst we were eating, too busy with the little one, which is a real shame as everything was presented very nicely.

During our meal we had found someone had left gum under the table, which was discovered by it sticking to husb's knee, gross, we let the waitress know so they could clean it after we left, else wise no one would know and then thought nothing more of it, when we got the bill at the end the manager had arranged to take £25 off the total to allow for cleaning costs and apologise, this was very unexpected and I think an incredibly generous act.

We may have had a few niggles throughout our dining experience but any problem was dealt with quickly, rectified more than satisfactorily and we all left saying what a lovely time we had had and that we would all visit again.

A big shout out goes to our waitress Rosie, she is a real credit to the place, friendly and attentive, noticing things without us having to say anything, like replacing my scampi s she'd seen me feeding L. She turned those issues into minor niggles when they could have easily spoilt our experience. Plus she said L was handsome and was so good with him. So Rosie, thank you, you were amazing!

We will certainly be going back to The Warrener who have managed to take all the positives of a chain and mix them seamlessly with the charm of a local pub.

Disclosure - we were invited to The Warreners and provided with a voucher towards our meal so that we could give our honest opinions and review.

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