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Mailbox by Nancy Freund


It has been way too long since my last book review, that's because it's been way too long since I last read a book. Thankfully Nancy sent me a copy of her latest book, Mailbox, just for me to read whilst I was on holiday. It is amazing!

Mailbox is a collection of short stories and letters written by teenager Sandy Drue as she grows up in 1970's America. Having moved from New York to a small town it is clear Sandy and her family have different thoughts and ideas to the rest of the town, as Sandy works to discover where she fits in and finds her feet within this very different social circle we get to follow her. Mailbox by Nancy FreundMailbox by Nancy Freund

In many ways this is a simple coming of age story, however, the way it has been put together is very clever. It is completely disjointed but perfectly flowing all in one go. The little snippets that Sandy has written down as she has grown and later put together as a book don't necessarily go in chronological order but still keep the overall story running, it is friendly and warm, heart warming and page turning. We watch her as she deals with being a teenage girl, loses her grandmother and makes all those mistakes that we did. She is an intelligent, thoughtful girl, questioning everything around her and this leads her into trouble and into amazing adventures. 

I really enjoyed the short chapters and the style of writing that was so easy to pick up, but not so easy to put down! It made the book a perfect holiday read, grabbing 10 minutes here and there, it did also lead me into reading well into the night by torchlight from my camp bed, which I felt was something Sandy herself would have approved of!

This is simply another brilliant book from a great author and I personally cannot wait for book number three Effort of Will! If you want to read more abut Nancy's other books you can see my review of her novel Rapeseed and also of the Cookbook she put together. 

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