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More 'What do the grown-ups do?' by Mairi McLellan


Richard the VetRichard the VetYou may remember some ago I reviewed a series of books all about three little girls, Ava, Skye and Gracie McKenzie who live in Badeneel, a lovely village by the sea in the Highlands of Scotland. They had been asking some of the grown-ups in the village about their jobs for the series of books by Mairi McLellan 'What do the grown-ups do?'. This is something they have still been doing as there are now two more books in the series, Fiona the Doctor and Richard the Vet.

I had really enjoyed the previous books I read as they were interesting, factual and still had a real sense of joy and fun to them. The little girls ask questions that being a grown-up I wouldn't necessarily have thought to ask and therefore wouldn't know the answers to, this means if when my son grows up and asks me these questions I wouldn't know how to answer them!

Now if he wants to be a Doctor or a Vet when he grows up we can read these books together and he will get a real sense of how much training would be expected of him, what the good parts of the jobs are and the bad.

Fiona the DoctorFiona the DoctorWhat is so great about these books is that they are honest questions from the children and honest answers from the grown-ups. Only a child would ask 'Do you mind having to stick your hand up a horse's bottom?' which of course is something we all secretly wonder but I would never have thought to ask about how many types of vets there are and was amazed to find there were 10 main types of vet, 10! Still a bit gob smacked really, I'd just never thought about. See these aren't just educational for the children but the adults as well.

When chatting to Fiona the Doctor they asked great questions like 'How do you remember all the long words?' and 'Why do people sweat?' and the answers don't shy away from the facts, they haven't been 'fluffed' for the children's benefit, correct terminology is used but you are helped with the pronunciation which was useful for me as well, as left to my own devices I'm not sure how I would have pronounced sphygmomanometer!

All the books are filled with great pictures, pictures of the grown-ups at work, useful ones of tools or resources, as well as lovely ones of the girls at play and enjoying their day to day lives. One of things that makes these books so charming is that they aren't just about the jobs, although these are obviously the central part, but they also talk about what the girls have been up to and their love of water sports and living by the sea.

I'm delighted to have these books on my shelf as they will make a great resource for when my boy is old enough to be asking these questions or needs them to help with homework projects and I really think they would make an excellent addition to any primary school library! This isn't the end of the series though, there are more to come with 'Gordon the Wildlife Filmmaker' being published 28 February 2015.

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