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The Whimsy Wood Series by Sarah Hill


Whimsy Wood Book 1 Posie Pixie and the Copper KettleWhimsy Wood Book 1 Posie Pixie and the Copper KettleAs you all know I love reading to L and I'm not one to be put off by suggested age groups, gender stereotypes or genre. I get a real pleasure from reading and hope that is something I pass on to my little boy so I'm always happy to review children's books and The Whimsy Wood Series of books about Posie the Pixie by Sarah Hill are no exception.

All the books are the perfect length for a bedtime story, or for a quick tale during the day, suitable for children of any age, whether you have a pure listener like my L, a learner or even a child that bit older who just wants a nice little tale to read in peace one afternoon these are ideal. With simple language, engaging characters and beautiful descriptions of the natural world that are bought to life by the lovely illustrations of Sarah Mauchline these books are delightfully charming.

The 1st book in the series, Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle introduces us to Posie as she tries to find somewhere to live and the seasons change in the wood. By the time you turn over the first page you are sucked into the magical world that Posie inhabits and by the end of the book it was safe to say I knew that this would be something we revisit time and time again, with plenty of room for imagination and lots of great talking points about nature and animals these books are something you can take with you into the real world to get the little ones looking for bluebells and foxgloves, dragonflies and bumblebees and maybe even finding some pixies!

Beautiful IllustrationsBeautiful IllustrationsNow I don't want to spoil the story but Posie does find a lovely little home, so there is no need to worry. The adventures don't end there though, the 2nd book, Posie Pixie and the Lost Matchbox, having found her new home Posie faces the same problem the rest of us do, she needs furniture and for her a new bed is top of the agenda. So with help from her many friends, including Wibble the Woodlouse who I have to mention just because I love the fact a woodlouse has a starring role, we learn all about recycling and Posie finds herself the perfect new bed she was after.

Posie Pixie and the Torn Tunic is the 3rd instalment in the Whimsy Wood Series, there is mending, foraging, baking and new friends to made, a perfect fit with the rest of the series this book doesn't disappoint. With Autumn in full swing both outside and in the book I was left feeling really content, wanting a big bowl of soup and a large blackberry pie. This sums the books up well, they are warm and wholesome, really happy little books.

Easy To Read Easy To Read Book 4, Posie Pixie and the Firework Party is perfect for around bonfire night, but I warn you, if planning your own firework party you'll be left with a lot to live up to. With invites and baking and decorations and a good dose of teamwork from all of Posie and Wibble's friends and family the party is truly stunning and I have to admit to finding myself a little jealous. Of course at the end of the book there is some basic firework safety do's and don'ts which are very important and worth going over whenever you sit down to read this book, be it November or July.

Just in time for Christmas is the 5th Book in the series, Posie Pixie and the Christmas Tree, I didn't think that much could make the world of Whimsy Woods more magical but boy was I wrong. Combine Christmas and Whimsy Woods and the excitement is almost too much to contend with. Posie is off to get her Christmas Tree, picking just the right tree and getting it decorated is a very important task for a little Pixie and a brilliant way to get your own little Pixie's excited about decorating the tree at home!

I have very generously been provided with a set of all 5 books to give away in my Christmas Hamper to Competition that has been running this month, for your chance to win a huge bundle of amazing goodies in time for Christmas just head over to my competition page.

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