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Amazing Maps


I have always liked a map, the husband has too, so he was just as chuffed as I was when the lovely people at Maps International sent over their gorgeous Animal Map and fun Glow in the Dark Map for me to review.

So why maps? Well I refuse to believe it's just the two of us who find them so pleasing, although it does prove how well suited we are for each other! Well I've travelled a bit, but not a lot. I do like to be able to find the places I've been on a map though. I'm rubbish at geography, really rubbish, it's quite shocking how little I know but yet I still like a map. There's something about dreaming of far away places and learning new things and different cultures that is just magical as well as realising just what a tiny little island we are in comparison to even single states in America let alone whole countries, it's also kind of humbling.Animal Map of the worldAnimal Map of the world

Not only do we want our little boy to enjoy maps like we do, we both want him to be vastly better at geography than his poor old mummy and it's never too young to start.

The Kids Animal Map of the World is a great introduction to the world of maps, using fun illustrations of animals, pastimes and plants that each area is famous for in different shapes, sizes and colours a map is formed. It's fun, sparks conversation and not only are you learning the continents and some countries you are also learning a bit about them.

Australia is formed with Kangaroos, Cricket Stumps and the Opera House. France has the Eiffel Tower, Tigers and the Taj Mahal represent India, you get the picture. It's £25.00 but at 84 x 59 cm it's really quite large and makes a great feature for any kids bedroom wall, the paper is thick and has a nice silky sheen finish to it. A really great piece of art that is educational and pleasing to the eye.

The Glow in the Dark Map of the World is my husbands favourite, to be quite honest I have had to be very firm to not have it put up in our bedroom. If we had more wall space in our kitchen it would have gone in there so he could see it all the time, as it stands the little one has got the benefit of this as well, but I'm not sure how long that will last!Glow in the Dark Map of the WorldGlow in the Dark Map of the World

He loves this map because by day it is a normal world map, with all the detail you would expect. Borders and names and seas and oceans. Perfect for us to point out all the places we have been, where we travelled in the States when we got engaged and when we got married. Our first holiday in Gran Canaria, skiing in Norway and Andorra all those little stories we will want to tell our little man about our lives and travels before we had him. Places we will want to take him when he's big enough and new and exciting dreams that will be all his.

At night the map comes into it's own with the borders and contours glowing in the dark, I tried to get a picture of this but failed miserably. It's surprisingly bright, I would say almost good enough as a night light, still quite detailed and just a little bit magical. It goes really nicely with the stars I've put up on his ceiling and I just love how something that could be considered boring and functional by a child has been made exciting with the simple addition of a glow in the dark feature.

Again this map is 84 x 59 cm, made with a silk art, 170gsm paper. For £30.00 I think this is well worth the money, especially if you have a child of school age that needs a little extra help or is already really excited by learning about Geography and the World.

I'm very excited to be able to tell you that Maps International have also sent me one of their Doodle Maps to include in my Christmas Hamper competition this November, so that you can track Santa's progress across the world.

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