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Tall Tape


Tall Tape Tall Tape Tall Tape is the only product I have come across so far that I really wish someone had bought me or I had known about for when L was born. It is a really simple idea, a roll up height chart, but it works so well and creates a lasting memory I wish I'd had one to measure L from the day he was born! This great product is from Memories Of Growing Up

Tall Tape comes in a great variety of prints, Fairies, Prehistoric Creatures, Tree and Animals, so you can pick the perfect one for your child, they are beautifully illustrated and would make a great addition to any room, be it the child's bedroom or even in the kitchen or sitting room. If you don't fancy one of the illustrated ones you can also get plain pink, blue or white versions.

It measures from proper little babies up to very tall adults, I would need a step to be able to hang it on the wall! Despite it's impressive 2 metre length it comes in a very compact 10cm tube, tightly rolled and with a little Sharpie inside, so if you can't hang it, you can store it and when the child is 19 and done growing and lets be honest humouring you, you can store it away with all those other special things you have kept from over the years.

Tall Tape Prehistoric CreaturesTall Tape Prehistoric Creatures

Because of it's simple design you can keep the height chart portable, just hole punch a hole into the top and hang. You don't actually have to paste it to the wall and it's not a sticker, so that means all those measurements you've taken and the dates can be kept on the chart for ever, regardless of how many times you redecorate, move house or have to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Unlike the standard charts that you have on the wall, this one you can just roll out the start of it and lay on the floor to chart the growth of your child literally from birth. This is why I wish I'd had one sooner, other than photographs I have nothing that marks L's growth, they didn't even measure him when he was born and strangely I hadn't thought to put a tape measure in my overnight bag. This makes me a little sad if I'm honest, so I won;t dwell on it. Even as a 1 year old, perfectly capable of standing I found it easier to measure him laying down on the floor, whilst he can stand, he's 1 he cannot stand still!! Even laying down and with the help of the husband it took a few attempts to get a measure of his little wiggly self!

Using Tall Tape Using Tall Tape

The fact it comes with a Sharpie is fab, you can keep it in the tube with the chart or hang it using the hanging hook on the pen to wherever you've chosen to hang your chart. Never again will you have a child in a willing mood but no pen to hand, perfect.

I really do love this little product and at only £10.99 think it's great value for money, this would make the perfect gift for families with kids of any age or expectant mums, I really have been so impressed. You can buy one from Tall Tape or Amazon.

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