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SoundPEATS Q9A Wireless Earphones


My Husband is very sporty, I know I've mentioned this before, between his cycling, running, golf and football it's a miracle I see him! Spending all this time doing sports he is very often listening to music and he has been after some wireless earphones for ages so he was really happy to review the SoundPEATS Q9A Wireless Earphones for me.

Lets start with the basics, in the box you get the earphones, different sized buds so you can get a good fit, charging cable, user guide, carry bag and small zipped storage box with a netted side to keep the little bits like spare buds in. I really liked the inclusion of the box, it's just a little touch but it is handy to have somewhere to keep everything together, especially when you have a million different charging cables laying around!SoundPEATS Q9A - What's in the boxSoundPEATS Q9A - What's in the box

As far as earphones go these look pretty smart too, I like the little flash of green.

To be honest you barely need the user guide they are so straight forward to use. Once charged just sync to the Bluetooth on your phone and you're good to go. There are three little buttons on right earphone, these allow you to turn it on and off, skip forward and back, answer calls and redial the last number you called out. SoundPEATS Q9A - controlsSoundPEATS Q9A - controls

The sound quality is impressive, my husband felt they were as good as his iPhone earphones which in his opinion are very good, he is yet to have found earphones he is as happy with as the iPhone ones so this is impressive in itself. I felt you lost a little bit when the volume was really turned up, but to be fair I had to crank it it up so high I would never have listened to it at that volume anyway.

They are really comfortable, you could easily forget you were wearing them. The wire connecting the two earphones just sits behind your neck out of the way and the over ear loops are light and comfortable. My husband didn't think he would like them being over his ears in that way but actually found them more comfortable as they never slipped or moved, even when he was running. The lack of wires makes them quicker to take on and off, no running cords inside tops to keep them out of your way and nothing to get twisted and knotted.SoundPEATS Q9A - Being WornSoundPEATS Q9A - Being Worn

The earphones are compatible with iOS and Android devices, pretty much anything with Bluetooth basically. They charge in just over an hour and that charge then lasts and lasts. Our last charge was 3 days ago, they have been played for a total of 4 hours and there's still life left in them. We haven't tested the 5 hour play time they are supposed to get as out of habit they have been regularly charged, but with 4 hours under the belt since the last charge I see no reason for this to be untrue.

Considering all you get and the great sound quality I would have expected them to cost a lot more money but at only £59.99 they are brilliant value and them currently being on sale at £15.99, well, buy them, seriously, that is such a good deal! Really great earphones for sports or just if you want something comfortable without all the hassle of wires!

Disclosure - we were gifted our earphones in return for an honest review, prices are correct at date of publication, all opinions are my own

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