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Gorilla Superglue Gel


You might have seen on my blog recently that I'd been doing some crafting and had used  Gorilla Superglue Gel, well now I've used it a few times here's the review. I do enjoy it when I'm sent crafty things!

It's great for crafting as it's gel formula means that uneven surfaces are no issue for it, you can apply it with real precision and because it's thinker than other superglues it stays where you put it instead of just running all over what it is you're trying to make.

I love the clog proof nozzle, it has a pin in the cap which keeps the nozzle air tight and clear and that really works! I've lost track of how many tubes of superglue I've had to bin after one use as the nozzle is just all glued up.

It dries really quickly and as you'd expect is really strong, so not only handy for crafting but just for general fixing. It has also been formulated to absorb impact, now I haven't tried this myself as although the glue may have absorbed impact my little crafty projects wouldn't! I do think it's a good idea though as in the past we've fixed things with superglue and one little knock and the fix has just clear snapped through.

It can be used on some plastics, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather and paper amongst other things like salt dough and buttons!!

It has been a real pleasure to have trialled this, if you want some head to Amazon or a DIY shop for £6.99 RRP it's brilliant.

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