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Vileda 100˚C Hot Spray Mop


I never thought I could love a mop so much, but yet I do, the Vileda 100 degree Hot Spray Mop is amazing! The fact my son thinks it's a tractor and asks to clean with it, unlike the vacuum cleaner, that makes him cry. Vileda Hot Spray Mop Vileda Hot Spray Mop

I love the idea of my steam cleaner, I bought whilst I was pregnant, ready to clean the whole house with no chemicals and just steamy, watery goodness. Not an expensive fancy thing, just one I could afford and yes I cleaned the whole house form top to bottom and steam cleaning is awesome, then I gave birth and all of a sudden this thing with wires and that was hot to the touch and took forever to heat up and needed to be left before I could put it away got relegated to the cupboard. You see I can't use it with L in the house, it's too much of a worry for me, it takes too much time and when he isn't in the house and I do have time without him I don't have a couple of hours to spend cleaning, I am working or trying to to take some time for myself or have all the other housework to do. My Vileda Hot Spray Mop My Vileda Hot Spray Mop

So this is why I love the Vileda 100˚C Hot Spray Mop so much:

It is is cordless, hurrah!

It heats up in literally 90 seconds, I timed it, it's true.

With a RRP of £59.99 it's affordable, and at the moment if you head to the Vileda website you can get it for £50 with a free cleaning kit!

It has all the chemical free bacteria killing benefits of steam cleaning.

It is easy to use, the microfibre pad just sticks on and can be machine washed, it's so light it's a pleasure and the floors are dry almost instantly.

It's swivelly little head gets under and around everything so I don't have to move all the furniture.

Nothing on it is hot to the touch so if L does want to push it around with me he can and I don't have to worry.

Because there's no mop bucket there are no spillages and no drowned toys.

The trigger sprays hot water directly onto the microfibre pad, so you can control how much water you put on the floor.

You can use it on all hard floors, even laminate and wood.Cleaning Head Cleaning Head

It really is so simple, just plug it in, push the little yellow button and wait for the red light to turn green then you are away. It cleans brilliantly, even removing squished fruity wriggles off the floor. The area in the mop head where you are supposed to squirt the water onto the pad makes a great place to store toys so they can be pushed round the house, it does spoil the cleaning, but it keeps the child happy. I love that I can just pull it out to clean a quick spill or quickly run over all the floors whilst L is playing, no need to wait for anything to heat up or fill a bucket of water, no need to rummage through the cupboard to find the right cleaning product.Fill measure Fill measure

It takes up less space in my cleaning corner, as it clicks upright and stands by itself it's easy to store, and it's so light that if it gets pulled over by an over excited child who wants to mop it doesn't matter. Even the little floating tab inside the water store that rises to show you when it's full is well thought out and makes life that bit easier.

So why does my boy think this very obviously a mop, mop is a tractor? Well since Christmas he thinks that every parcel he opens will be a tractor, or similar toy that he will love, so when he opened this one, after a string of parcels that very clearly were not tractors, and he saw it was red and big and needed to be put together, he decided to make the best out of the situation and claim it as his own. His very own big red cleaning tractor that he can use with his mummy as we do something together, and if I'm honest, pretending I'm cleaning with a tractor is way better than normal cleaning!

Disclosure - I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest review 

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